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James Brown

James Brown - partindo da música gospel! negra, ou o candomblé 'deles' - transformou a música em sexo (e eu não estou falando do som ancestral realizado com apoio de instrumentos percussivos que os brasileiros conhecem tão bem - por dar origem a toda a nossa música)... o som negro sempre foi afrodisíaco, mas só iria se tornar o próprio sexo com Brown. A guitarra a partir de então é um falo... todos os instrumentos, incluindo a voz, se tornam percussivos e visam exclusivamente ao coito

uma nota...

estocadas constantes...



Oh yeah... I feel good...

O mito do eterno retorno... séculos de 'progresso e evolução' nos conduzem de volta a rituais
que jamais deixaram de existir.

1963 Live at The Apolo Theatre

1. Introduction2. I’ll go crazy3. Try me4. Instrumental bridge # 15. Think6. Instrumental bridge # 27. Lost someone8. Instrumental bridge # 39. Medley: Please, please, please & You've got the power10. Night train closing11. I don’t mind
1969 It’s a Mother

1. Mother popcorn (Part 1)2. Mother popcorn (Part 2)3. Mashed potato popcorn (Part 1)4. Mashed potato popcorn (Part 2)5. I’m shook6. Popcorn with a feeling (Instrumental)7. The little groove maker me (Parts 1 & 2)8. If I ruled the world9. You're still out of sight10. Top of the stack (Instrumental)
1969 The Popcorn

1.The popcorn2. Why am I treated so bad3. In the middle4. Soul pride5. A new shift6. Sudsy7. The chicken8. The chase

1970 Soul on Top
1. That’s my desire2. Your cheatin’ heart3. What kind of fool am I4. It’s a man’s, man’s man’s world (Unedited version)5. The man in glass6. It’s magic7. September song (Unedited version)8. For once in my life (Unedited version)9. Every day I have the blues (Unedited version)10. I need your key (To turn me on)11. Papa’s got a brand new bag (Unedited version)12. There was a time

1971 Hot Pants

1. Blues and pants2. Can’t stand it3. Escape (Part 1)4. Escape (Part 2)5. Hot pants (She got to use what she got to get what she wants)6. Escape (Complete take)http://www.4shared.com/file/12716964/51278d06/1971_Hot_Pants_Part_1.html
1972 Get on The Good Foot

1. Get on the good foot2. The whole world needs liberation3. Your love was good for me4. Cold sweat5. I got a bag of my own6. Nothing beats a try but a fail7. Lost someone8. Funky side of town9. Please, please10. Ain’t it a groove11. My part make it funny12. Dirty Harri13. I know it’s true

1972 There it is

1. There it is (Parts 1 & 2)2. King heroin3. I'm a greedy man (Parts 1 & 2)4. Who am I5. Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing6. Public enemy # 1(Part 1)7. Public enemy # 1(Part 2)8. I need help (I can't do it alone)9. Never can say goodbye

1973 Black Caesar

1. Down and out in New York City2. Blind man can see it3. Sportin’ life4. Dirty Harri5. The boss6. Make it good to yourself7. Mama Feelgood (Lyn Collins)8. Mama’s dead9. White lightning (I mean moonshine)10. Chase11. Like it is, like it was

1973 Payback

1. The payback2. Doing the best I can3. Take some, leave some4. Shoot your shot5. Forever suffering6. Time is running out fast8. Stone to the bone9. Mind power

1986 In The Jungle Groove

1. It’s a new day2. Funky drummer3. Give it up or turn it a loose (Remix)4. I got to move (Previously unreleased)5. Funky drummer (Bonus beat reprise)6. Talkin' loud & sayin' nothing (Remix)7. Get up, get into it and get involved8. Soul power (Re-edit)9. Hot pants (She got to use what she got to get what she wants)http://www.4shared.com/file/12927380/489d82/1986_In_The_Jungle_Groove_Part_1.html

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